The Area - Hout Bay Cape Town

Hout Bay Area Information for Holiday Accommodation

Enclosed by mountain ranges, set in a large valley, going down towards the ocean, rests the exotic and beautiful Cape Town suburb of Hout Bay. The mountain ranges that surround this alluring holiday destination extend from Table Mountain, Lion's Head and the Twelve Apostles. You are guaranteed then to enjoy gorgeous mountain views from nearly any accommodation available in the area.

The history surrounding Hout Bay goes back to 1652, when the Dutch settled in Table Bay, and were in need of timber for building, and that timber was to be found in Hout Bay, which was the nearest area containing a large forest. Much of that forest still remains, the part that contributes towards the area's natural beauty. In a bit more recent times, the area was declared a republic in 1987, complete with flag, dress, anthem and even passport. That was short lived and today the area is once again a part of the country of South Africa. Although the passport remains, but for the benefit of visitors.

There is so much for visitors and residents alike to get up to in Hout Bay. Numerous restaurants, cafés and bars are found in the area for some pleasurable dining out. For nature lovers a visit to the World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary and Monkey Park is a must, and for sports enthusiasts, semi-professionals and professionals, water-sports is a common pursuit in Hout Bay, ranging from surfing (Hout Bay being one of the top 16 surfing spots in the world, because of "The Dungeons"), wind surfing, kayaking and scuba diving.

But then there is Hout Bay's premier attraction, Chapman's Peak, one of the world's renowned and finest engineered mountain passes ever built, with plenty of picnic spots and lookout points. A small fee will let you join the multitude of tourists who take this breathtaking and visually enchanting drive along this route, from Hout Bay to Cape Point, with rising mountain peaks on one side and the sheer slopes leading to the ocean on the other.